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In 1900, Horace and John Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company, which was initially used to sell bikes. The company soon was helping to supply engines and transmissions for use in the automobile industry. From the start, the company was successful. They started producing engine and chassis for the Ford Motor Company and Olds Motor Vehicle Company. Eventually, the brothers decided to manufacture their own line of vehicles. In 1914, they produced the Model 30. Just in 1914, over 200 vehicles were built. This led to the company shifting to a focus on automobiles and only manufacturing them. The company ranked second in overall sales of American cars by 1916. Both brothers died early in 1920 of the flu, and the company eventually was purchased by the Chrysler Corporation in 1928. Dodge-branded vehicles became known as primarily full-size passenger vehicles and trucks. In the 1970s, they eventually produced midsized vehicles due to an oil crisis taking place. From the Challenger to the Ram and the Dakota, there have been tons of popular Dodge models produced through the years.

When making repairs to the model you drive, make sure you’re doing so with OEM parts. Only OEM Dodge parts are going to be made according to the specifications of your exact model, meaning they will install properly and work alongside pre-existing parts in the car. Regardless of if you’re performing routine maintenance or having to make an in-depth repair, it’s important that you’re using quality components. You can find the right OEM Dodge parts here at Factory Mopar Direct.